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Accounts Payable: Efficient Hold Order Management

Navigate holds and unlock efficiency to revolutionize your ordering game

Account Payable: Efficient Hold Order Management Application automates the inventory system to give real-time stock level updates and reduce delays caused by manual order processing. Customers can make timely decisions and avoid situations where items are unavailable after an order is placed. Additionally, it streamlines the payment process, which reduces the need to hold orders for payment confirmation. 

This is where Navcara and Celonis combine their strengths:

  • It automates repetitive tasks so employees can concentrate on more valuable tasks and improve their overall work efficiency.

  • It provides prompt responses to customer inquiries to enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Task automation leads to the efficient utilization of resources and overall cost savings.

  • By implementing a data-driven approach, it is possible to identify new opportunities and stay ahead of industry trends.

Features & Capabilities

Pre Dashboard provides an overview of the Accounts Payable process regarding hold orders. It outlines all the essential KPIs for measuring and optimizing organizational performance. The top inefficiencies section assists the organization in comprehending how hold orders are influenced by various processes. 

The executive dashboard shows an overview related to hold orders and other essential KPIs
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