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Accounts Payable: Enhanced Financial Credibility & Cash Inflow Maximization

Revamp your Accounts Payable for optimal cash liquidity

Accounts Payable: Enhanced Financial Credibility & Cash Inflow Maximization Application helps to make the payment process more efficient, thereby maximizing the working capital. It also helps to identify opportunities for capturing early payment discounts, which can lead to significant cost savings. It provides real-time updates on payment statuses, which improves the accuracy of payments and enhances communication with suppliers. 

This is where Navcara and Celonis combine their strengths:

  • Navcara, in collaboration with Celonis provides flexibility to businesses which make it possible for the organization to work with less-complexity.

  • Digital transformation can help streamline product development processes, reduce rework rates, and enhance product quality.

  • It enhances the scalability of business operations and enables them to efficiently manage multiple tasks.

  • It uses business process automation to improve compliance effectiveness and reduce manual risk.

Features & Capabilities

Pre Dashboard provides a current view of the Accounts Payable process regarding days payable outstanding. Included in it are details about overdue debt payments, outstanding amount payable, suppliers, and payments. It also contains details about the significant inefficiencies that negatively impact the DPO, including discarded invoices, set holds, and due dates passed. 

Analyze significant inefficiencies by observing the current view of Accounts Payable process for Days Payable outstanding.
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