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Accounts Payable: Improving Supplier Hold Management

Reinforce supplier hold strategies to boost supply chain integrity

Accounts Payable: Improving Supplier Hold Management provides real-time monitoring of transactions ensuring prompt identification of issues that could result in supplier hold. It makes use of risk management tools to evaluate the impact of supplier hold on cash flow and overall financial health. Moreover, it streamlines the resolution process, which leads to faster and more efficient handling of holds.

This is where Navcara and Celonis combine their strengths:

  • It aids in streamlining workflows, leading to quicker and more effective completion of tasks.

  • Process Mining assists in detecting potential risks and adopting preventive measures to counteract them.

  • It increases transparency and helps in the integration of the systems for a smoother execution of processes.

Features & Capabilities

Pre Dashboard gives a current overview of the Accounts Payable process for supplier hold, which includes information like supplier hold and supplier hold percentage, total invoice value, amount paid and invoice amount. The company's supplier hold performance is affected by the following top inefficiencies, which include holding all payment flags, payment status flags and so on. 

Accounts payable process metrics, including supplier retention, total invoice value, and top inefficiencies.
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