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Accounts Payable: Obsolete Inventory Optimization

Revitalize your operations with modern solutions to minimize financial losses

Accounts Payable: Obsolete Inventory Optimization provides insight into the entire order process and sends automated alerts, which aid businesses in tracking and managing orders more effectively to avoid outdated situations. The centralization of order data ensures that everyone has updated information, thus reducing the chance of outdated orders. 

This is where Navcara and Celonis combine their strengths:

  • Navacara and Celonis collaborate to enable businesses to rapidly adapt to changing market conditions and remain ahead of competitors.

  • Robust security system protects sensitive business data.

  • Intelligent process automation weeds out bottlenecks responsible for slowing down the invoicing process.

Features & Capabilities

Pre Dashboard provides a current view of the Accounts Payable process for outdated orders incorporating details including expired orders, canceled orders, invoiced quantities, vendors, and rejected quantities. Furthermore, it consists of information about the most significant inefficiencies that impact processes caused by backdated orders. 

The current view displayed a various inefficient process
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