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Accounts Payable: Payment Analytics Augmentation

Unlock payment visibility for effortless payments and financial security

Accounts Payable: Payment Analytics Augmentation Application enhance the organization's efficiency in the Accounts Payable workflow by providing real-time visibility into payment status. Automated reminders are created to ensure timely payment processing, which results in the reduction of late fee penalties and improved cash flow.  

This is where Navcara and Celonis combine their strengths:

  • It streamlines the entire workflow so that the businesses can avoid delays often generated due to manual operations.

  •  KPIs mentioned in the application's dashboard help the company analyze their real progress and work on the areas that needs improvement.

  • It utilizes the process mining technology to identify the root causes behind delay in payments, low value invoices, and high rework rates .

  • It embraces digital channels for the businesses to expand their market reach and seize new market opportunities.

Features & Capabilities

Pre Dashboard sets forth a current view of the Accounts Payables process in relation to the payment status. It displays details such as paid early %, paid late %, low-value invoices, invoices, and suppliers. Apart from this, it is also responsible for showing the top in efficiencies negatively impacting the process such as cash discount due passed, recieve invoice and create payment.

Current view of the Accounts Payable shows early, late payments and missed payments
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