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Accounts Payable: Smart Spending and Budget Optimization

Navigate overpricing obstacles, for sound budgeting and smarter savings

Accounts Payable: Smart Spending and Budget Optimization monitor purchase orders in real-time to ensure that prices correspond to agreed-upon prices. The entire process, which includes creating purchase orders, approving and paying them, is streamlined to ensure swift identification of overpricing issues. By minimizing manual errors, it significantly reduces processing time and contributes to overall cost savings.

This is where Navcara and Celonis combine their strengths:

  • Navcara in collaboration with Celonis streamlines the workflow by automating the routine tasks for improved accuracy and efficiency.

  • It enables access to real-time data for improved visibility into supply chains, which enhances supply chain efficiency.

  • Intelligent process automation eliminates bottlenecks that slow down the invoicing process.

  • To enhance data-driven decisions, it analyzes current trends and performance indicators.

Features & Capabilities

Pre Dashboard sets forth a current view of the Accounts Payable process concerning overpriced purchase orders which incorporates details such as overbilled amount, overbilled amount ratio, overbilled suppliers, and total billed amount. It also contains information regarding the top inefficiencies that negatively impacted by the overbilled ratio. 

Identify and display the top inefficiencies that can negatively affect the overbilled ratio
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