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Accounts Payable: Vendor Management

Elevate your company-supplier relationship for maximal profit 

Accounts Payable: Vendor Management streamlines the information about the suppliers to monitor their performance. It provides real-time insights into the supplier details such as supplier's rating, etc. to better ascertain suppliers' performance and pick out the top suppliers for the task. 

This is where Navcara and Celonis combine their strengths:

  • Navcara, in collaboration with Celonis provides all the required information about the suppliers to the company such as invoices generated by them each year, number of active suppliers, supplier rating etc. to better evaluate their performance.

  • It streamlines the entire workflow with support of automation which makes it easier for the company to schedule their payments to the suppliers.

  • RPA & Process mining provides flexibility to businesses which makes it possible for them to work with multiple suppliers without much hassle.

  • It increases transparency between the company and suppliers to maintain a positive relationship for a constructive growth of the company.

Features & Capabilities

Pre Dashboard sets forth a current view of the Accounts Payable process in relation to the figures about suppliers. It displays the total number of invoices generated by the suppliers, active suppliers, supplier rating etc. which determines the overall suppliers' performance. It is also incorporates the top inefficiencies affecting the suppliers' performance which makes it easier for the company to obtain solutions for them. 

This board help you to analyse current view of process and find out areas which need to be improved
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