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Navcara for Accounts Receivable

Maximizing financial resilience, refine your Accounts Receivable procedures to ensure timely collections and mitigate financial risks

Unorganized data sources, inefficient systems, and slow manual processing often lead to delayed payments, invoice disputes, and inefficient processes which slow down the Accounts Receivable performance.


Simplify the siloed and complex process to smoothen overall Accounts Receivable by using a centralized data system across the process. Automate processes to streamline the inefficiencies across the channel, resolve the days disputes outstanding, process payment on time, and accelerate the touchless collection.

Revamp Processes Require a Better Accounts Receivable Process
Here's How We Help

Days Sales Outstanding

On-Time Payments

Touchless Collections

Days Dispute Outstanding

Credit Usage

Days Sales Outstanding


Drive automation to accelerate the payment outstanding

Lost invoices, duplicate invoices, billing adjustment or reversal can delay receiving payments. This results in high DSO, affecting a company's ability to meet its short-term obligations and cutting the cash flow. The fluctuation of working capital management can tie up resources in Accounts Receivable for extended periods, reducing overall efficiency.

Use the intelligence for processing the invoices, from initial entity entry till the time payment is received. This is paramount for minimizing errors and expediting the payment at the earliest. Supervise the complete process with centralized data and remove the bottlenecks.