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Days Sales Outstanding Application

DSO identifies and addresses the problem associated with delayed DSO and mitigates these challenges to provide the best innovative solutions to reduce DSO timing.

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AR Days Sales Outstanding Module

Identify and resolve related to DSO and ensure innovative solutions to maintain control over the process. Ensures timely management of DSO, improving cash flow and financial stability. Effectively optimizing Accounts Receivable operations and achieving better performance.

Accelerated Collections Process

Streamlines the collections process to ensure timely payments and overall increases the speed of the payment cycle.

Reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

Enhance cash flow by effectively reducing the number of days sales outstanding.

Automate Workflow

Integrate automatic engine to manage and optimize DSO processes.


Combines the expertise of Navcara and Celonis for superior DSO management solutions.

Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

Proper monitoring is done with real-time insights and detailed reports on DSO metrics and performance.

Predictive Analytics

Utilizes predictive analytics to forecast potential delays and proactively address them.

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