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Payments Application

Payments Application automates the payment cycle to receive payments on time and enhances the speed of payments. Ensure a seamless payment cycle by resolving inefficiencies in the process. Assist and reduce payment timing.

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AR Payments Module

Payments enhance the speed and payment timeline while identifying and resolving inefficiencies in a payment cycle. Enhances payment processing efficiency, helps businesses to manage payments quickly and easily, and improves overall payment operations.

Increase Speed

AR payments application enhances the speed of payments by automating the payment cycle. Identify and eliminate the roadblocks in payment cycle processing.

Enhances Efficiency

Reduces common challenges associated with traditional methods of payments and enhances efficiency.

Enhances Payment Process

AR payment application increases payment processing with the help of process intelligence and reduces payment timing.

Reduces DSO

By ensuring invoice cycle and payment cycle faster than usual cases, the application succeeds in reducing the rate of DSO.

Reduce Manual Touch

Utilizes process intelligence to avoid manual intervention and challenges associated with this.

Better Visibility

By providing real-time visibility into invoice preparation, invoice approval, payment approval, and payment is done visibility is enhanced throughout the payment cycle.

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