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Standardize, automate, and modernize your workflows with Navcara

$2M+ savings through working capital improvements, automation, and risk reduction | 5% reduction in end-to-end cycle times across the supply chain

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Accounts Payable
Smart Spending and Budget Optimization
Minimizing manual errors| Significantly reduces processing time
Enhanced Financial Credibility & Cash Inflow Maximization
Capture early payment discounts| Cost Saving
Improving Supplier Hold Management
Real-time monitoring | Streamlines the resolution process
Mitigate Late Invoices
Automate invoicing | Reduce late payment risks
Early Payment Discounts
Regularly monitoring | Maintain DPO rate
Minimizing Rework & Operational Cost
Reduces manual work | Reduced rework rate

Analytical & Actionable Payment Tracking

Streamline invoice processing | Avoid payment delays

Obsolete Inventory Optimization

Automate alerts | Effective tracking

Three-Way Matching

Optimize processing | Reconcile purchase order

Automation Integration & Process Development

Eliminate manual errors | Real-time information

Efficient Hold Order Management

Automate inventory systems | Reduce delays
Order Management
Rework Alleviation
Full transparency | Efficient process | Monitor rework activities
Business Process Automation
Streamline orders | Optimize operations
Deliver Goods On-Time
Automate processes | Identify the root cause | Fulfillment time
Improving DSO & Accelerating Working Capital
Enhance order fulfillment | End-to-end visibility | Identify bottlenecks
Sales Order Invoice Optimization
Accelerate invoice processing time | Centralize data system
Payment Collections
Cash Flow | Integrated collections | Drive efficiency
Orders Fulfillment
Accelerate fulfillment | Maximize efficiency
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Accounts Receivable
Automation Implementation
Eliminate errors | Automates the payment collections
Bridge dispute gap | Reduce DSO
Days Sales Outstanding
Maximize Efficiency | Minimize Delays| Enhance Cash Flow
Credit Memo Governance
Streamline credit processes | Credit utilization
Stockpile Collections
Improve receivables collections | Identify inefficiency
Optimized payments processing | Maintain cash flow
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Covenant Realization
Identify contract compliance | Assist procurement leaders
Asset Inspection and Endorsement Pursuance
Automate business processes| Sustainable procurement
Consignment Pursuit
Streamline process |Eliminate errors
Supplier Transmission
Improve efficiency| Reduce costs
Executive control
Address order root cause| Data-Driven insights
Execution Undertaking
Approval Management| Enhance accuracy
Spend Under Management
Identify process inefficiencies| Boost cash flow
Dynamic Benchmarking
Real-time data |Streamline workflows
Prompt & Optimized Delivery
Real-time insights| On-time delivery
Core Business Analysis
Identify risks| Invoice management
Working Capital Optimization
Timely reminders| Boost cash flow
Automation Checklist
Automate processes| Reduce operational cost

Process Explorer: Where efficiency meets

How process runs

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Business flow

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Process optimized

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Our strategic Approach

Leverage innovative technologies and data-driven insights to optimize business processes, enhance efficiency, and drive sustainable growth.

Utilizes advanced analytics and process mining tools to identify and eliminate inefficiencies within your business operations. Deeply analyzes data and workflows to uncover hidden bottlenecks and redundancies, which helps to streamline processes and enhance productivity.

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