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Accounts Payable: Analytical & Actionable Payment Tracking

Streamlining finances, elevating efficiency: Your ultimate payment tracking solution in Accounts Payable 

Accounts Payable: Analytical & Actionable Payment Tracking streamlines the invoicing process to track payments, identify bottlenecks, and ensure adherence to payment terms. It pinpoints areas where improvement is needed and offers solutions using technologies such as automation, RPA, AI, action flow, and others.

This is where Navcara and Celonis combine their strengths:

  • Celonis and Navcara's collaboration aids in automating processes to streamline the payment process and prevent delays typically caused by manual operations.

  • Process Mining makes it easier for companies to identify the root causes of process inefficiencies.

  • It enhances the ability of businesses to adapt to emerging trends, embrace change, and remain competitive.

  • It takes advantage of CRM systems to help businesses analyze customer data and improve their relationships with them.

Features & Capabilities

A current view of the Accounts Payables process concerning payment status can be obtained from the Pre Dashboard. It presents information on the invoice amount, paid late percentage, low-value invoices, and rework rate. In addition, it is accountable for displaying the top inefficiencies that negatively impact the payment process.

Top inefficiencies are displayed including information into invoice amount, delayed percentage and low invoices
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