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Lead Management

Identify customer's strategic priorities and lead the project team towards developing data-driven process insights and actions

Lead Management Application helps get the AI-driven root cause for improper prioritization and focuses on getting high-quality leads with high ROI campaigns. 

This is where Navcara and Celonis combine their strengths:​

  • Customers can track every stage from the creation of leads to completion based on existing user interaction data. 

  • It identifies execution gaps in real-time and acts upon them through automation. 

  • Higher effectiveness in lead conversion and managing volumes of business inquiries. 

Features & Capabilities

Before transforming, Lead Management processes may be fragmented, manual touch, and time-consuming. Due to these, leads might get lost and missed opportunities. Fewer conversion rates can reduce the efficiency of the process, inefficient factors and KPIs are displayed here. 

Improved versions after implementing transformation are displayed helps to make better use of strategies
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