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Order Management: Business Process Automation

Implementing technology in improving business performance 

Order Management​: Business Process Automation involves a very high number of transactions. At the same time, credit approvals, timelines and many different procedures, rejections, customers and their conditions drive complexity. This application helps organizations to bring full transparency and more efficiency to their processes. With Celonis process mining, it is possible to find and eliminate inefficiencies and errors in the transactional process and check for compliance and customer issues in real time. Flexible insights allow users to increase and monitor automation rates and minimize interruptions caused by manual changes and rework activities. 

This is where Navcara and Celonis combine their strengths:

  • Prioritize manual activities and focus on automation.

  • Automate the tasks such as reporting, data collection, data analysis, and decision making.

  • Immediate increase in employee productivity and make the order processing time more productive.

  • Monitor and optimize on-time delivery processing and touchless orders.

Features & Capabilities

Pre Dashboard tracks the core area of operations and displays a comparison between different business dimensions that enables the top-level management to make decisions based on the data sources of the organization.

Oversees key operations, supporting top management decisions through data-based comparisons.
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