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Procurement: Consignment Pursuit

Maintain consignments under constant tracking 

Procurement: Consignment Pursuit Application helps procurement leaders to streamline the Procurement process more professionally. 

This is where Navcara and Celonis combine their strengths:

  • Identify and maintain strong supplier relationships & company may directly negotiate for the best quality of goods and services at the best price.

  • Improve the fulfillment time, cash flow, and sales volume and boost customer satisfaction.

  • Automate with streamlined processing that eliminates complex errors faster.

  • Reduce the operation cost and benchmark the company's performance between different competitors.

Features & Capabilities

Pre Dashboard helps the top level management to be in check with the business overall performance and notifies them with the bottlenecks that has kept the progress away from the business. The management can take actions, assign tasks and track the status of the corrective actions from this window. Filters are available to give the deeper insight.

Monitors overall operations, identifies challenges, and facilitates operational control.
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