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Procurement: Core Business Analysis

Focus and manage the core business operations in the procurement process 

Procurement: Core Business Analysis Application helps identify and overcome Procurement processes and improve transparency by automation. 

This is where Navcara and Celonis combine their strengths:

  • Keep a record of an invoice receipt before and after goods have been received.

  • Execute the delivery behavior of the supplier to avoid delayed deliveries.

  • Analyze the market strategic supplier relationships, improve agility, and operational insights.

  • Prebuilt analyses provide key procurement insights to help determine priorities and decisions, identify risks, and meet targets.

Features & Capabilities

Pre Dashboard provides businesses insights into their overall performance, enables them to identify the root causes behind the inefficiencies and the best corrective actions they can adopt to reduce the bottlenecks.

Get a business insight into inefficiencies and corrective measures for overall performance
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