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Procurement: Working Capital Optimization

Unlock your financial efficiency while ensuring supplier satisfaction

Procurement: Working Capital Optimization fosters strong relationships with the suppliers through regular communication and increased transparency within the P2P process.

This is where Navcara and Celonis combine their strengths:

  • It increases transparency between the company and suppliers to maintain a positive relationship for the company's constructive growth.

  • This application would benefit the company by boosting its cash flow by identifying areas for improvement with the support of technologies such as Celonis EMS, Process Mining, RPA, etc.

  • Action Flows timely remind the company to schedule their payments to the suppliers before the due date is passed so that the company’s excessively high DPO does not negatively impact it's working capital.

  • Automation provides flexibility to businesses, which makes it possible for the organisation to work with multiple suppliers and pay them on time without much hassle.

Features & Capabilities

It displays critical inventory measurements and performance indicators graphically. It contains a list of items along with their quantity delivered.

Check dashboard to understand the critical inventory circumstances and measurement
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