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Record-to-Report: Automated Reporting Solutions

Empower your finances through effortless reporting

Record-to-Report: Automated Reporting Solutions eliminates the risk of human errors by reducing manual participation in the R2R process. It follows standardized reconciliation processes and employs an integrated financial system within the organization to avoid potential errors and enable smooth data interchange between business units.

This is where Navcara and Celonis combine their strengths:

  • Navcara automates the financial reporting process to efficiently save time for the accounting team by eliminating the need for paper-based documentation with Celonis.

  • R2R application has built-in compliance tools to assist organizations in meeting accounting standards and regulatory obligations.

  • Intelligent automation is employed to generate comprehensive process insights with the help of KPIs and other metrics as a way to evaluate the overall processes.

  • The advanced data integration system of this application makes it easier to collect, transform, and load financial data from multiple sources into a centralized data storage system.

Features & Capabilities

Pre Dashboard sets forth a current view of the Record-to-Report process in relation to the figures about various accounting processes associated with it. It displays the total number of journal batches, automation update, batch status, error rate, and number of journal batches rejected to determine the overall performance of the R2R process, which makes it easier for businesses to assess what improvements they need in the process. 

Pre-dashboard displays the current view related to various accounting process
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