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Navcara for Life Sciences and Pharma

Expedite the time for your product to hit the market and enhance patient experience while boosting cash flow


Leverage advanced technological solutions to accelerate the data collection process in order to improve data quality and reduce paperwork. By assisting organizations in the life sciences sector to adopt digital technologies, Navcara helps them stay ahead of the curve in innovation and meet evolving industry requirements.

Maximize Performance and Reach Levels You Never Thought Were Attainable

Accelerate Advancement Across the Life Science Value Chain


Supply Chain Management

Order Management

Clinical Trial Initiation

Quality Management and Change Control


Efficiently manage procurement processes and witness growth in margins

Scores of new challenges exist in your procurement operations in the new production era. Increasing costs of raw materials, global supply shortages, and the drive for sustainability add to the woes.

In order to achieve maximum performance and flexibility across the entire sourcing lifecycle, industry leaders must manage fixed capital efficiently, improve lead times, and screen out suppliers based on their sustainability ratings.