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Navcara for Utilities

Expedite your way to digitally transform your business while digitally sustaining your energy transition efforts

Make operations more efficient by implementing real-time monitoring, optimizing resource utilization, and implementing energy-saving measures to increase productivity. Our solutions make use of advanced technologies to quickly identify and respond to issues affecting the regular operations of organizations. By leveraging high-end technologies we empower utility providers to transform themselves by offering innovative solutions that enable them to provide greater services and enhance customer experience.

Transcend Your Most Significant Achievements and Reach Levels You Never Thought Were Possible

Optimize Your Utility Processes for Performance Perfection

Purchase and Acquisition

Asset Maintenance

Inventory Management

Financial Performance

Customer Satisfaction

Purchase and Acquisition

Efficiently manage purchasing processes and witness growth in margins

With a growing number of operational challenges every day owing to rising costs due to inflation and a constant push for driving sustainability, there is a need to optimize procurement processes and find new ways to deliver savings.

Empower your group managers to evaluate, choose and negotiate with suppliers efficiently by means of consolidating spends and gaining insights on process violations.