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Navcara for Supply Chain Transformation 

Process-based supply chain transformation  

It is well acknowledged that we need a new model for the supply chain, as the current transformation is not very effective. Process-based supply chain transformation addresses and improves the individual processes that drive it. Tackle individual processes. Connect holistically. End the cycle of blame once and for all. 

Adopting a Transformative Shift from Fault-Finding to Collaborative Problem-Solving 

Everyone understands that today’s supply model is incapable of meeting today’s demands. Great transformation efforts have only the potential to break the blame chain- things you cannot change, dissatisfying, and many more. This is happening because most of us are adopting the wrong path. Navcara stands out as the pioneering solution that modifies your supply chain, addressing and enhancing the processes that drive its functionality.  

It seamlessly integrates with the array of tools you currently employ, both within the supply chain and across various domains. Identify the major challenges within it and provide the most suitable solutions to enhance the overall functionality. 

How Does It Look Like in Action? 

Increase Service Levels 

Enhance Working Capital 

Available Costs 

Increase Service Levels 


Enhance on-time, in-full delivery 

Utilize process intelligence to align credit and delivery blocks. 


Minimize stockouts identify

Diversify the sources of stock and arrange based on impact.


Enhance supplier reliability

Utilize realistic lead times to ensure uninterrupted supply.

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